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The world of the small business is getting tougher and tougher.

Economic uncertainty, the lack of capital, competition, regulations and shortage of talent has negatively impacted small businesses.

Corporate life spans are shrinking.

In 1958 the average tenure of a company on the S&P 500 was 61 years; by 1980 it had dropped to 25 years. Today it’s just 18. Small business lifespans are down to 8 ½ years. According to the Small Business Administration about 550,000 small businesses close each year. That is over 1,500 per day.

Kansas City supports a large number of family owned businesses.

Multi-generation family owned business owners face significant odds that they will be the last generation owner. Statistically only about 30% of family owned businesses pass successfully to the 2nd generation, about 15% to the 3rd generation and about 5 % to the 4th generation.

The Quest for Future Leaders

The quest for future leaders to perpetuate past success has never been more important or more difficult.

A Leader’s lasting value is measured by succession. (John Maxwell)

The best leaders lead today with tomorrow in mind by making sure that they invest in leaders who will carry their legacy forward. (John Maxwell)

The Challenge to find the Next Generation Leader involves finding a match between the challenges of tomorrow and the talents of the next generation leader.

Support for Heartland Heroes

Even Heroes need help...sometimes.

Something needs to be done to support our Heartland Heroes…not local tax breaks and subsidies that drain the funds needed to support our schools and community infrastructure…rather a sanctuary and a “tool box” of supportive relationships, information, tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in good times and bad.

We seek to build a community of Heartland Heroes…high performing, high integrity business leaders.


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