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The real heroes in our community are the business owners and entrepreneurs who get up every day and bear the risks of business ownership and create economic opportunity for the rest of us. That idea came to life in the Hog Room of Gail’s Harley Davidson’s when several friends enjoyed coffee and hospitality with Gail Worth. At that time Gail was employing about 100 employees…that translates to as many as 100 home mortgages being paid off, maybe twice that in car loans being paid off and two or three that in college educations being funded. At that moment, the idea was born to develop an award intended to recognize the efforts of Gail Worth and other Heartland Heroes.

After sharing that story and the idea with many other folks it was Bill Zahner with A. Zahner Company who said…”tell me what a Heartland Hero Award looks like and I will build it for you!”

Through its Heartland Hero Award the Heartland Business Exchange has recognized the contributions of many Kansas City business owners. And, almost a full year later, Gail Worth became an honored recipient.

Heartland Heroes demonstrate integrity in their words and actions. They have a passion for their business, its employees, suppliers, and customers. And they always find time for those in the community that are less fortunate.

Michelle Robin Your Wellness Connection
Kurt Knutson Freedom Bank
John Ellis Paradise Park
Gail Worth Gail’s Harley Davidson
Ed Van Buskirk We Are IT
Marty Siler EPIC Landscape Productions
Augie Huber A. L. Huber Construction Company
Bill Zahner A. Zahner Company
Glen Posladek A. B. May
Mike Kilkenny Taylor Forge Engineered Systems
Ross Gault Arrow Material Handling
Sean Miller R. E. Miller Group
Spencer Kerley Physicians Reference Laboratory
Tim Trabon Trabon Companies
Barnett Helzberg Helzberg Diamonds
Helzberg Entrepreneurial
Mentoring Program
Ron Ward Western Forms

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Heartland Heroes
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